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There is already Microsoft Forms and PowerApps why do I need Sintel Forms?

Great question. Microsoft Forms doesn’t offer features such as built in workflow or logic. It should really be called Microsoft Quizzes or Microsoft Surveys as it can’t be used for anything more than this. PowerApps on the other hand is a very powerful (and very expensive) platform for building business apps. It requires significant development experience to build apps and does not provide native support for offline forms, external users or anonymous forms.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, in fact our product is completely free for up to 2 forms! You simply need to add the add-in from AppSource and as soon as you do this you will get a 30-day trial of the Enterprise version. After 30 days you must request a license (even if you only wish to continue using the free version).

How secure is Sintel Forms?

Very Secure, we utilise SSL so all data is encrypted. All the data from forms that are submitted is stored in SharePoint lists within your Microsoft 365 tenant. Sintel do not have any access to your data.

How do I make a purchase?

Once you have decided which license you require you simply have to submit a license request form. You should receive an email within a few minutes confirming that your request has been received and we will contact you to confirm your order and arrange payment using your preferred method.

How long before my license is activated?

We will activate your license as soon as payment has been made. If you are using the Microsoft 365 version this just takes a few minutes. If you are using the On-Prem version one of our representatives will contact you to provide you with the license & instructions on how to activate it.

How can I get technical support?

We provide a number of channels for you to get assistance.

  • Community Site – If you have any questions on our products, you can post questions, provide feedback and request/upvote new features.
  • Knowledge Base – Provides articles and videos covering everything from installing our apps to customising them.
  • Submit a ticket – You can submit a ticket in our Help Centre and our team will get right back to you. (Available to paying customers only)

Are there differences between the Microsoft 365 and On-Prem versions?

Yes. The two versions are almost identical and are compatible with each other i.e. forms designed in either version can be exported and imported into the other. There are however two features that are not available in the On-Prem version namely External submissions & collaboration and the Sintel Forms Mobile app.

Are there limitations in the free version?

Yes. The free version is limited to 2 forms and does not contain all the features available with a paid license. Refer to our pricing page for more info.

Can Sintel Forms be used with external users?

Yes, Sintel Form contains a feature called External Submissions which permits any user to submit a form without requiring access to your Microsoft 365 tenant. When the form is submitted all the data is securely stored in your Microsoft 365 tenant and only you have access to it. You can also choose to enable those users to subsequently edit a form they already submitted using 2-factor authentication, pretty cool eh! Check out our articles on External Sharing, External Submissions & External Collaboration.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all global debit, credit cards and PayPal payments. We also support Stripe and Bank Transfers. If you experience any issue when making your payment, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

I have a lot of forms and processes to automate can Sintel help?

Absolutely! Building apps on SharePoint is what we do so if you have a need for other forms or apps feel free to contact us. We also have a network of partners located around the world so if you prefer to deal with a local service provider that’s no problem. Check our our partners page to see if there is one listed for your location and if you have an IT Service provider and they don’t know about us then tell them to contact us!

I am a IT solutions provider can I use Sintel Forms with my customers?

If you have customers that you would like to use Sintel Forms to automate business process then we want to hear from you! Our partner program provides help and resources to get you trained on the platform and helps you to deliver solutions for your customers. Partners benefit from internal use licenses and significant license discounts for their customers. Check out our partners page for more info.

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