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Workflow: Payment Actions

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Payment actions are configured in a similar way to regular actions however, they provide some additional settings to enable you to collect payments from your users or customers using Stripe.


If a Stripe account is not connected to your form template your users or customers will not see the payment action. Additionally, if the payment connection is in Test mode users and customers will see the payment action, but you will not receive any payments. For more about configuration, click here.


The properties of a Payment action are similar to those from a regular action. In fact, the only difference is that a ‘Payment checkout properties’ section appears for Payment actions. All of these properties control what will be displayed on the Stripe payment page that a user or customer is redirected to when they attempt to make a payment.

Payment name – mandatory – the name which will be displayed at the Stripe checkout page
Payment amount – mandatory – the amount of money that the payment will be performed. Here you can define hardcoded amount or bind value with the field on the form (checkbox below). You cal also define the currency.

Payment image – an image that will be displayed on the Stripe checkout page.



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