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What is Sintel Forms Studio

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Sintel Forms Studio is an add-in for SharePoint and Microsoft 365 that makes it quick and easy to create mobile ready apps. Forms can be designed quickly using a drag & drop interface and its built in Workflow and Logic enable you to automate business processes in a matter of minutes. If you currently have manual processes, paper-based forms or indeed if you use InfoPath, you will find that Sintel Forms Studio can significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency in your organisation

  Key benefits & features

  • Free & paid versions
  • 100% cloud based running on Microsoft 365 (we also have an On-Prem version)
  • Simple Setup
  • Customisable layouts and logic
  • Built-in Workflow (you no longer need to use SharePoint Designer or Visual Studio)
  • Responsive & Mobile ready
  • Leverages SharePoint Security
  • Attachment previews and social features like @mentions
  • Mobile app with Offline Forms
  • External Submissions and External Collaboration
  • External Sharing

Sintel Forms Studio Sports And Social Template

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