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Make Attachments Mandatory

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Requiring users to add attachments within Sintel Forms is pretty easy and can be achieved by adding a rule within the Logic screen of the Sintel Forms Designer as follows:

  1. Once you have the Sintel Forms Designer open click on the Logic Section from the top menu.
  2. Click on Add Rule and give it a name.
  3. Add a condition such as Form: Attachments check setting the Check Type to “Form has no attachments” – this will cause the rule to be executed when the form has no attachments
  4. Add a step choosing Form: disable the “save” button – this will disable the save button if an attachment has not been added to the form.
 If you need something more complex such as requiring an attachment only if a field on the form contains a value or equals a value you can add an additional condition to your Rule such as “Form: field value check” as per the following example. Please note that in this case you must ensure the “Conditions check method” within the Rule settings is set to “All conditions must be met” within the rule settings as shown.


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