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Add Sintel BI to a site

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Once you have installed Sintel BI on your environment (Microsoft 365), you can add it to any site using the following steps:

To complete step 7 in the process below the user needs to be a site owner.
  1. Open the site in which you want to add Sintel BI and navigate to Site contents
  2. Select New > App & Choose Sintel BI 
  3. Go to the site homepage and on the top right side hit the Settings icon and select Add a page
  4. On the right context menu, choose the 2nd tab for Apps and select Sintel BI 
  5. Give the new page a name such as “SintelBI
  6. Once it’s saved go to Site Pages and hover over the new page and using the context menu choose Make homepage 
  7. Navigate to the homepage of the site and click “Update to provision the app

You can now begin creating dashboards and reports and sharing them with your users



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