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Add a button that opens the attachment panel

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Adding a button to the form that opens the attachment panel is very simple. All you need is only 3 steps:

  1. Configure section ‘HTML text’ property: 
    <div id="my-button"/>


  2. Create a rule in logic with the following code: 


    var buttonId = "toggle-workflow-panel-button";
    if (!document.getElementById(buttonId)) {
        // 1. Create the button
        var button = document.createElement("button"); = buttonId;
        button.innerHTML = "Click me!";
        // 2. Append somewhere
        var container = document.getElementById("my-button");
        // 3. Add event handler
        button.addEventListener ("click", function() {



  3. Start using it. 


For more information please navigate here and check openPanel() / togglePanel()

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